It’s Official: GHU is Multilateral Trade

Great news today: we completed an agreement with Canadian brand Thera Wise. GHU is officially a Thera Wise authorized distributor in China. The brand was brought in by one of our founders, Arlene, who is spearheading the effort to attract non-Chinese brands into our platform.

The company specializes in organic baby and beauty products. For those of you who are not aware, organic baby products segment in China is huge. With the backdrop of the one-child policy and a few scandals with local brands, Chinese parents are not stingy when it comes to the care of the little ones.

For GHU, supplying high-quality products is a priority. Proving that our platform also works to supply the huge Chinese market was high in the agenda, but we didn’t expect it to accomplish it so soon. The first crowdfunding for such products will take place in the coming weeks.

Xi Jinping has made it clear in the past months that China is open to imports as much as it is to exports. I lived in China for 12 years and I now the president is not saying this just to end this ridiculous trade war. There is a large middle-class in China, hungry for good-quality and trendy products. In that segment, foreign products often have an edge over local products.

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