GEC Points are on a league of their own. GEC is designed so the entire community can own the platform and enjoy its growth. There are several ways in which GHU members can earn GEC points. In the future, members will use GEC to pay for transactions made in the platform. For now, GEC is breaking ground by offering hourly rewards in GUSD (Gemini dollar).

GEC is eco-friendly—no energy required to mine it. Mining is embedded in our shared economy business model, allowing all players in our community to benefit from the growth of our platform. E

Growth hack Union does not sell GECs. The only way to get GECs is to make purchases from or to offer services to the community.


There are several ways for the community to earn GEC points. All members get GEC points when they purchase something from

We are allocating 50% of the 1 billion non-dilutable GECs for the community to come and mine.

As of now, members get 30% of their purchase in GECs, but there’s a daily cap of 10 GECs for Regular Members, and 15 GECs per day for Turbo Members.

Turbo members can also earn GEC when:

  • Their referrals earn GEC (they get 20%, so if you invite a friend and she earned 100 GEC, you get 20 GECs; there are no caps for this)
  • They bring in new products to the platform and they sell
  • Offer services to the community (design, verification, QC, logistics, translations, etc.)