GEC & Crypto-assets Exchange

It’s official: GEC has a home. As of today, Growth Hack Union has its own cryptoassets exchange, the Global Ecommerce Credit & Crypto-assets Exchange. Thisis the place to buy GEC and trade Product Tokens.

The exchange will go through the testing phase and the GEC distribution to Miners is expected to start in mid-November. The exchange will go over more testing to make sure it’s rock-solid by mid-December, when we plan our STO to take place.

Visit the exchange at:

Product Tokens will not start trading until late January, when the 90-days data recovery period for the first products crowdfunded will end. Only then, we will publish sales performance data and profit payment statistics. Our data mining and AI system will also produce the 12-month forecast that would allow Asset Investors to bid for the different Product Assets.

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