Crypto Investor Day

Our next stop was at the majestic Fairmont San Francisco Hotel. The whole day event consisted of panels, pitches and networking. It was a very constructive day, as we learned a lot from experts indifferent fields.

Once again, Growth Hack Union arose a lot, a lot of interest. Getting positive feedback from experts coming from different angles,investment, legal, operational and marketing, reassured us that we are heading for a groundbreaking use case of blockchain. 

Most importantly, we believe we will accomplish our main objective of attending the event: getting a few seasoned advisors on board.We are here for the long-run and we have the potential of becoming an ecommerce giant. We have built a community and have a clear path of growing it fast in the year ahead; now we are strengthening our team with high profile players that can help our case stronger and help us steer the boat in the journey ahead.Stay tuned, we will be making announcements soon.

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