Blockshow Asia

The next plane took us to Singapore. Blockshow Asia took place in perhaps the coolest exhibition centre in the world—where else can you find a swimming pool on the 60th floor?

There was no time to splash as GHU had a small booth to attend. The two-day event isone of the largest blockchain events in the world and the two conference rooms,as well as the exhibition area and the lounges were packed.

This time around we decided to simplify our message and focus only on our main value proposition: shared ecommerce. Albeit being a young startup, we can claim that we have done our share of innovation, particularly in the business model and financial departments. However, we needed to introduce GHU on layman’s terms. Shared ecommerce seems to be the perfect capsule to introduce anyone what we are trying to do. It explains our mission of distributing benefits, while it gives this ethereal technology called blockchain a shape they can grasp.

While many of the talks on Blockchain Asia 2018 touched the elusiveness of that killer app that’s going to make blockchain go mainstream, GHU was in a little corner booth preparing the terrain for 2019.

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