Growth Hack Union is a team of seriously committed people to disrupting ecommerce. Our story began when a friend of ours working in ecommerce lost his house due to the unsustainable business model in which vendors operate today.Based on the principles of growth hacking, we set ourselves the goal of finding a solution to help the millions of vendors and drop-shippers across the world; and ultimately the consumers, too. Our early attempts at hacking marketing models to attract more shoppers made us realize that a real solution had to redesign the business model itself. The result is Growth Hack Union.

We have solid experience in ecommerce, IT, finance and marketing. GHU embraces decentralization and holacracy. We take pride in our flat structure and shared economy values. The core team of 28 founders is international, and we have presence in the USA, China, Australia, Singapore and Germany. We have 400 people recruiting members, manufacturers and on the lookout for best-selling products.

GHU Teams & Locations

Our decentralized and holacratic structure means we don’t have the usual CEO and the rest of the C-suite, hell, we don’t even have managers! We only have team leaders and they can rotate according to the circumstances. We can also assign a team leader for a certain project and once it is executed, the team dissolves.

Shanghai —  Customer Service, Operations and Technology teams

San Francisco — PR, Marketing and Legal teams

Palo Alto — R&D, Technology and Operations teams

Berlin — PR, Marketing and Operations team

Guangzhou — Finance and Business Development teams

Adelaide — Business Development team

Singapore — Accounting team

Los Angeles — Business Development team

Some of our Founders

Peter Wu (Canadian, Technical Team) is a data-scientist with more than 20 years of experience. He has worked on ecommerce, big data, machine learning and online education. He has implemented global accounting and financial applications for multinationals.

Juan Vargas (Colombian, Operations Team) is an economist with solid experience in marketing, advertising and content production. He’s also conducted research in the application of blockchain in the smart city sector.

Bently Deng (Chinese, Financial Team) 10 years experience in global financial market investment, foreign exchange market, international stock markets, commodities, blockchain, digital currencies and other financial sectors.

Jeremy Lo (Chinese, Financial Team) has over 7 years experience in private equity funds, research and development of equity share distribution systems and marketing management systems. He also has operational experience in cross-border ecommerce.

Enka Shu (American, Investor Relations Team) is a cross border investment and business development expert; she’s worked for top tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo and Symantec.

Evan Chi (American, Investor Relations Team) is a strategic alliance specialist and creator of award winning brands; he has worked advising startups on implementing new technologies and streamlining their business models.

Our Advisors

Ben Bartlett (American, Legal & Technology) is the Vice Mayor of Berkeley and a serial entrepreneur. He bridges government, law & technology. He’s internationally recognized as a leader in blockchain public financing.

Shane Tackett (American, Legal) has solid experience in legal consulting and international business; he is a co-founder of a crypto-asset arbitrage platform, a defense intelligence firm and a consultancy in China.