1st M2B Global Sourcing Fair

The date is November 3, 2018. The place is no other than the electronics capital of the world, Shenzhen. The Chinese city close to Hong Kong hosted the first GHU’s M2B Global sourcing Fair.

Over 400 GEC Miners gathered together to see the presentation of best-selling products and items that haven’y hit the market yet. Miners, vendors who sell products from our M2B sourcing platform, had the opportunity to participate in the crowdfunding of some products. One of the highlights of the event was breaking the platform’s record for crowdfunding a product in 33 seconds. In less than a minute, $ 29,227 were raised and delivered to the manufacturer. The next day, production began.

Another remarkable feat was the crowdfunding of a completely new product. One month after the platform went live, we can now claim that GHU’s M2B platform has discovered and launched a product with the potential of becoming a best-seller.

The success of the event means we can proceed with the next M2B Sourcing Fair events planned for 2018:  Shanghai, Yiwu & Guangzhou.

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