Grill Us at the BBQ

Our global launch is less than a month away. We decided to kickoff our roadshow strategy by going to Silicon Valley. We attended the Private Investor BBQ and Pitch hosted by Angel Launch. Besides learning what other startups are doing in this mecca of innovation, we wanted to get feedback from crypto entrepreneurs, investors and experts. We wanted them to grill us. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business model and the service we provide to our community.

The food was great, and so were the drinks, the music and the pitches we heard. From our side, we got to practice how to do our elevator pitch. We realized that we were rusty, but for a good reason. We never had to do it. We have been blessed by being profitable from the beginning, we never had to look for angel investment.

That right there was the lesson of the night. The fact that we are not asking for development funds and are already profitable puts us in a different league. We’d like to tip off fellow entrepreneurs in the crypto world: the days of raising funds with a flashy website and white paper are counted.  So many scams and projects that failed to develop their products, or those that finished their platform but couldn’t grow the community, have made investors weary. Now, investors are expecting tested business models that use blockchain, not just blockchain for the hell of it.

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