GHU is a company focused on delivering social impact at a large scale by developing decentralised business models. GHU stands for Growth Hack Union because we are committed to lifting millions of people out of poverty; we do so by empowering the entire community and deploying creative marketing and business strategies.

GHU is registered in Switzerland. GHU owns the brand Gojoy.

Gojoy is a global ecommerce platform that connects consumers directly to manufacturers. Gojoy members enjoy authentic products at fair prices because we took out the middleman.

Additionally, buyers get a reward for every purchase, Gojoy coins. Every hour, Gojoy distributes half of its profit among the Gojoy coin owners. So, the more Gojoy coins you have, the more hourly cash rewards you get.

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Gojoy fans showing off the art they made with Gojoy school supplies. The photo was taken by one of our members to promote Gojoy among her friends and family.