GHU is a company focused on delivering social impact at a large scale by developing decentralised business models. GHU stands for Growth Hack Union because we are committed to lifting millions of people out of poverty; we do so by empowering the entire community and deploying creative marketing and business strategies.

GHU is registered in Switzerland. The GHU family comprises the following properties:

Gojoy is a global ecommerce cooperative that connects consumers directly to manufacturers. Members of our platform get authentic products at fair prices because the community itself crowdfunds large orders. Additionally, buyers get a refund on their purchases in GHU points. Gojoy distributes half of the ecommerce platform’s profit among the community; GHU holders get dollar rewards every hour!

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GHU Blockchain is a public chain that allows for transparent digitalisation of assets. It supports several tokens.

Visit the GHU Chain beta siteThe site is underconstruction, but you're welcome to take a peek

GHU points are a hybrid token that entitles its owners to the hourly dollar rewards mechanism, and it is used to pay for the gas fee of transactions in the GHU chain. There are 1 billion non-dilutable GHU.

GHUSD is a stable coin based on our GHU Chain. It has the same value as the dollar because it is backed by dollars.