Growth Hack Union (GHU) is a collective of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to establish a new business model in the ecommerce industry, one where the entire community can benefit from the growth of the platform.

Growth Hack Union owns, an ecommerce platform with a fully decentralized business model powered by blockchain.

GHU Members gets GEC Points when they buy something or when they offer a service to the community. GEC owners get hourly cash back rewards paid in GUSD (Gemini Dollar, a stable coin regulated by the US government). These rewards come from our net profits.

Roles in the GHU Community

REGULAR MEMBERS — anyone who registers a free account at GHU. They make purchases from the platform and earn GEC by doing so

TURBO MEMBERS — members pay an annual membership fee. In return, they get further discounts; they mine 1.5x more GECs when they buy; they get to crowdfund products (earn USD); they can bring new products to the platform (earn GECs); they can offer services to the community (earn GECs); and they earn GECs when their referred friends earn GEC

MANUFACTURERS — verified suppliers who offer products on They are responsible for supplying good quality products. In return, they get paid 100% when they deliver the order. By contrast, wholesalers and large retail clients pay 3, 5 or 9 months later

GEC OWNERS — any person who owns GEC; they get hourly rewards based on the platforms net profits

How it works

  • Turbo Members crowdfund products; they get Product Tokens that grants ownership to the future profit from the sales of the product
  • Manufacturers produce the order and send it to our warehouse. The products are uploaded to and are available for purchase
  • Members buy the product
  • Turbo Members who crowdfunded the products get monthly profits paid to their wallets
  • GEC Owners get hourly rewards
  • In the GEC Market (our own Over-The-Counter exchange), Members can sell their GECs to other members as the price increases


Shared Economy — our business model is designed to benefit all members of the community, even the “little guys”

Open platform — GHU integrates into all B2C platforms, retailers and dropshippers can sell on whatever platform they are selling already (i.e. Amazon, Taobao, FlipKart, etc). We can even integrate with standalone e-stores (Shopify, Woocommerce, etc) and even affiliate programs or social commerce

Environmentally Friendly — mining GEC does not require energy consumption. Our decide-when-to-deliver system allows Members to consolidate their orders and ship less parcels, so there’s less boxes and emissions from transport. And, the Members save too!

Distributed Risk — crowdfunding the products distributes the risks, so Turbo Members are not exposed if a product doesn’t sell well. Worst case scenario, each Member who crowdfunded takes a few items home

Best-seller focused — we are focused on crowdfunding and offering best-selling products only. We use Artificial Intelligence to filter out products that don’t have the potential to sell well. This strategy allows us to keep warehousing costs at the minimum

Growth Hack Union Assets

COMMUNITY — as of January 2019, GHU has a community of 7,000 people ECOMMERCE PLATFORM — multilingual, able to ship anywhere in the world; has embedded a referral system; has the crowdfunding module (a platform in its own right); product and market data dashboards; AI module

GEC MARKET ( OTC GEC and crypto-assets exchange

GEC TOKENS: 1 billion tokens, non-dilutable. 50% are for the community to mine

DATA: over 170 M sales data records; 60 M users’ data